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Urban Meth Labs Pop Up in D.C.'s Priciest Neighborhoods



    (Published Tuesday, Jan. 14, 2014)

    Some of D.C.'s top-dollar neighborhoods have become crime scenes in recent years, but not violent crimes.

    D.C. Police say they have investigated "urban meth labs" throughout the city, notably in affluent areas like Dupont Circle (in 2012) and Columbia Heights, just last week.

    "Everything is so small in the city. I know it's a problem in the country... I didn't think it was such an issue in the city," one resident said.

    Officers held a Meth Awareness Program Tuesday to alert residents --especially those in apartment buildings --  what kind of behavior their neighbors may exhibit if they're cooking methamphetamine.

    "We need to do something to educate the public on what's going on around them," Lt. Chris Avery said.

    The following are considered "red flags:"

    • Dozens of decongestant pills
    • Large amounts of ripped apart lithium batteries
    • Multiple bottles of solvents like drain cleaner, nail polish remover or paint thinner
    • Bags of garden fertilizer
    • Smell of nail polish remover and cat urine