Tired Marine Breaks in to UMD Seniors’ Home to Crash on Sofa

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    Who's that sleeping on my sofa? A question two University of Maryland students found themselves asking yesterday when they discovered an uninvited guest in their apartment. (Published Monday, Oct. 3, 2011)

    The Aiken brothers had an unwelcome surprise when they returned to their College Park, Md., home Sunday morning: Someone was sleeping on their sofa.

    When Alan Aiken entered, he noticed a stranger asleep on the sofa and quickly left, concerned that the stranger might have had company. He told his brother Dan, and they called 911. Six Prince George’s County, Md., police officers responded.

    The stranger was a Marine stationed downtown. He told police he had been celebrating his birthday weekend in College Park but got tired and lost.

    Nothing was taken.

    The Aiken brothers, both seniors at the University of Maryland, said they bear no ill will for the suspect.