The New Dinosaur Park in Prince George's Is Less Exciting Than It Sounds

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    Getty Images
    Not Jurassic Park.

    D.C. residents this morning were greeted with the news that a 41-acre patch of land south of Laurel was just dedicated as "Dinosaur Park."

    And I know what you're thinking: FINALLY! A real Jurassic Park conveniently located right here in the D.C. area. You were probably already boarding up the windows for when the raptors inevitably got loose. At worse, it's probably a dinosaur theme park, right?

    Well, sorry giddy dino devotees, "Dinosaur Park" is so named because it's a historically lush source of fossils for the last 150 years.

    "It's the most important dinosaur site east of the Mississippi River," said geologist Peter Kranz, president of the Dinosaur Fund, a Washington-based nonprofit organization that supports dinosaur fossil research and preservation in the region.

    "Each time it rains, something new comes out," Kranz said.

    Yeah, I guess that's pretty cool. I mean, everybody need fossils to look at and research. But still, you need to give it a slightly less deceptively awesome name. How's about "Fossil Park"? I think that would lead to less disappointment.