'Sophia' Tops List as Most Popular Baby Name in Region

Sophia is the name of choice for baby girls in the area, with William and Mason for boysfor boys

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    Know any Sophias? Wait a few years, and we're betting you'll know plenty. The name ranked #1 in Maryland, Virginia and D.C. last year, according to a list by the Social Security Administration.

    And as the Washington region goes, so goes the nation? Sophia was #1in the United States as a whole last year, too. That's a whole lot of "Golden Girls" fans.

    Sophia was also tops in Maryland a year earlier, but back then, D.C. was still hanging onto Madison, and Olivia nabbed the crown in Virginia.

    As for the boys: William ranked first for new babies in Virginia and the District last year, as it did in 2010 -- a holdover of royal wedding excitement, perhaps?

    In Maryland, Mason topped the list, unseating 2010's Jacob. We could try to claim that Mason's popularity is linked to Kourtney Kardashian's son, but since any mom of a Mason would hotly dispute it, we'll let that one go.

    D.C.'s Top Five for Girls / Boys:

    1. Sophia / William
    2. Ava / Alexander
    3. Elizabeth / Daniel
    4. Olivia / James
    5. Sofia / Christopher

    Maryland's Top Five for Girls / Boys:

    1. Sophia / Mason
    2. Olivia / Jacob
    3. Isabella /Michael
    4. Emma / Ethan
    5. Ava / Ryan

    Virginia's Top Five for Girls / Boys:

    1. Sophia / William
    2. Emma / Jacob
    3. Olivia / Mason
    4. Isabella / Noah
    5. Abigail / Ethan