Surprise Street Parking Change Upsets D.C. Neighborhood

Truce may be reached in battle over 16th Street spots

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    Finding a parking spot on 16th Street in northwest Washington may soon get easier. There’s a truce in a parking war between residents and DDOT.

    Residents of the neighborhood, north of Columbia Heights, were furious when legal parking spaces were suddenly made illegal – without notice.

    16th Street's Sudden New Parking Laws Repealed?

    [DC] 16th Street's Sudden New Parking Laws Repealed?
    The restrictions are being re-examined after residents' complaints. (Published Tuesday, Nov. 30, 2010)

    “Signs were changed without notification,” resident Tina Guzman told News4. “That was frustrating to many of us because we thought, if you’re changing the signs, restrictions have been changed, and we need to be notified.”

    After several complaints to D.C. Councilman Jim Graham, the parking restrictions were lifted, at least for the time being.

    “We have to be very careful about casually eliminating parking or restricting parking,” Graham said. “Parking is a critically important matter, and I think sometimes DDOT has acted too quickly.”

    DDOT is vowing to work to find a solution that will make everybody happy.

    Keeping the 16th Street parking spots available will appease many people, but it may be little consolation for drivers who have already been ticketed for parking illegally. They want to know if their tickets will be forgiven.