Smithsonian Castle Closed Due to Quake Damage | NBC4 Washington

Smithsonian Castle Closed Due to Quake Damage



    While the Smithsonian continues to assess earthquake damage at its buildings, all of the public museums have been deemed safe and are open, according to the institution.

    The Smithsonian Castle on the National Castle sustained the most serious damage and is closed to the public and staff. Five decorative turrets on the Castle’s east side were damaged significantly, according to the institution, and the Smithsonian is trying to secure them to prevent further damage from Hurricane Irene.

    At the National Museum of Natural History, 50 jars of preserved specimens fell from their shelves but have been re-secured.

    The Smithsonian’s Suitland, Md., storage also sustained serious structural damage and is closed to staff. Eight jars of fish specimens fell from shelves there but have been re-secured.