Small Plane Crashes Into House in Louisa County

Pilot killed; person in house escapes

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    A small plane crashed into a house in Louisa County.

    After a pilot bound for Reston, Va., filled up with 148 gallons of fuel at an airport in Louisa County, Va., the Cessna was only a quarter of a mile from the airport when it slammed into a two-story home.

    The plane and house were engulfed in flames. Eyewitness accounts indicate that the plane's engines failed.

    The pilot  of the twin-engine was killed.  The only person in the house was fortunately in the basement. He was able to escape unharmed.

    Virginia Small Plane Crashes into House

    [DC] Virginia Small Plane Crashes into House
    A Cessna twin-engine plane crashed shorty after taking off from the airport at Louisa county in central Virginia. It slammed into a house setting both the plane and house on fire.

    The National Transportation Safety Board, the FAA and Virginia State police are investigating the crash.