Report Finds Major Flaws in Riverdale Fire Response

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    A new report claims basic training procedures were not followed during a fire in Riverdale, Md. last year that injured seven firefighters.

    Crews responded to the fire on 57th Avenue Feb. 24. Two of the firefighters suffered severe burns in fire, which was determined to be a case of arson.

    Report Finds Major Flaws in Riverdale Fire Response

    [DC] Report Finds Major Flaws in Riverdale Fire Response
    News4's Jackie Bensen reports on new findings about firefighters who may have been unnecessarily put in harm's way battling a blaze in Riverdale, Md. last year. (Published Monday, June 3, 2013)

    The "after action" report found severla major deficencies in the response that day. It claims the initial size-up of the fire was flawed, that a 360-degree walk around the home was not completed and wind conditions were not evaluated.

    It states no incident plan was formulated and that firefighters were dangerously positioned above and in the outflow of the flames.

    The report finds fault that a firefighter injury occurred, but no "Mayday" transmission was received by incident commanders, stating there were training deficencies at all levels.

    Police continue to search for the person responsible - the reward money now stands at $15,000.

    Last fall, a report stated the Riverside Heights station had a 31.1 percent failture-to-respond rate. Several firefighters were reassigned.