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Giant Redskins Corn Maze Built at Md. Farm

Here's hoping they grow a 14-acre nose tackle next, we're not sure Albert Haynesworth is sticking around

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    Summers Farm

    Does your entire Sunday revolve around the Redskins? Do your children ask who that strange person is that appears at the end of the regular season? Do you find yourself having imaginary conversations with London Fletcher?

    Now you can get physically lost in your Redskins fandom, too. Summers Farm in Frederick, Md., has grown a 14-acre maze of corn in the shape of the Redskins logo.

    And it is awesome, because it is a 14-acre maze of corn in the shape of the Redskins logo.

    The only thing that could be better, in fact, is a 14-acre maze of Albert Haynesworth's dissatisfaction, because that would never die. The logo maze barely survived the dry summer, until last-second late season rain saved it from being a 14-acre field of dried husks.

    Call it nature's own holding penalty -- the maze is now six feet tall, easily leading the NFC in corn maze pride.

    Visitors can try completing the maze by flashlight on Friday and Saturday nights in October, or they can do it like sane people and go during the day once it opens September 25.

    Fans can even do a little good while they're being corny: Redskins Blog has a coupon that will not only get you into the maze for a discount, but ensures proceeds from your visit will benefit the Washington Redskins Charitable Foundation.