Prosecution Wants to Block Polygraph Results in Levy Trial

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    Prosecutors want to keep jurors from learning that a polygraph examiner found that the man charged with killing intern Chandra Levy was not being deceptive when he said he was not involved with her disappearance.

    Attorneys for the prosecution urged a D.C. judge in court documents filed Monday to keep the results of lie detector tests out of the trial that's scheduled to begin Oct. 18.

    Prosecutors also hope to block statements about a witness who took a similar exam in 2001 and told the tester that defendant Ingmar Guandique said he stabbed Levy and took $25,000 from a congressman for the stabbing. The examiner found that witness to be deceptive.

    Prosecutors said the procedures for both tests were flawed and that they subsequently learned Guandique had practiced his answers.