Pepco April Fools' Day Hoax Is No Laughing Matter

Prank says all rate increases are canceled

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    If you received a letter in the mail stating that Pepco is canceling all rate hikes, you've been had by some April Fools' Day pranksters.

    It's a hoax that has Pepco officials issuing a stern warning to all Pepco customers.

    Officials at the utility company said there is a letter campaign and fake Web site putting out misinformation about the company.

    The letters urge customers to contact the Pepco call center for renewable energy adjustments. The letters, which are allegedly signed by a CEO of Pepco's parent company, say Pepco's rate increases are canceled. 

    "Statements stipulating that customers should contact the Pepco call center for renewable energy adjustments are also false. Rate increases are not being canceled and currently there are no rate adjustments," Pepco said in a press release Thursday.

    The phony Web site is not secure. Clicking on it may cause computer problems. There are links on the Web site that will redirect people to Pepco's official Web site:

    The utility company said it's committed to providing customers with affordable electricity from renewable sources.