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No Immediate Charges in “Joker’s” Shooting Plot

Man threatened to shoot up workplace



    A Maryland man accused of threatening to shoot up his workplace while identifying himself as “a joker” isn't facing immediate charges.

    Neil Prescott won't be charged Monday, a spokesman for the Prince George's County state's attorney's office said, but the investigation is still continuing.

    Police Say 'Joker' Threatened Employer

    [DC] Police Say 'Joker' Threatened Employer
    News4's Shomari Stone has the latest after Prince George's County Police say a 'violent' episode was avoided
    (Published Saturday, July 28, 2012)

    Prescott was taken into custody last week after the threats were reported to the police. Officers said they found about two dozen weapons in his apartment.

    The 28-year-old Crofton man has been undergoing a psychiatric evaluation at a hospital since he was taken into custody.

    Reaction to Alleged Workplace Shooting Plot

    [DC] Reaction to Alleged Workplace Shooting Plot
    News4's Jackie Bensen spoke with people who work in the same office park as Pitney Bowes, the target of an alleged shooting plot.
    (Published Friday, July 27, 2012)

    The alleged threats were made just days after a deadly shooting at a Colorado movie theater during a screening of the latest Batman movie.