New E-ZPass Flex Allows HOV Drivers to Go Toll-Free

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    A new E-ZPass option will let HOV-3 drivers avoid paying tolls on Northern Virginia's new I-495 express lanes.

    The E-ZPass Flex transponder is similar to the regular toll-paying device, but it can be switched to "HOV ON" when you have three or more people in your vehicle. You won't be charged for tolls when your transponder is switched to that setting.

    Drivers can get an E-ZPass Flex transponder by signing up online, by calling E-ZPass, or at a customer service locations.

    Existing E-ZPass customers in Virginia can visit the E-ZPass website to request a Flex transponder. However, the new monthly account maintenance fees ($1/month) will be applied for each Flex transponder you have.