Military Helicopter Lands With Mechanical Issues in Northeast D.C.

Helicopter landed because of radio issues

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    Derrick Ward,
    A military helicopter ditched in northeast D.C. because of radio issues.

    A military helicopter landed in a northeast D.C. neighborhood Wednesday, D.C. police confirmed.

    Mechanical issues led to the landing near 11th and Gallatin streets. Both radios went out during a routine exercise, News4's Derrick Ward reported, and rather than flying without radios and with limited visibility, the pilot decided to put the chopper down in Fort Circle Park.

    "We do have places that we do land routinely for reasons like this," Lt. Jacob Fields said. "However, due to the weather today and due to the lack of radios we were unable to communicate with tower or anything like that, so we opted to find an open field and it put it down per training."

    A second chopper went to assist with repairs.

    No one was injured.