Death of D.C. Boy With Autism Who Wandered Away Ruled Accidental

Michael Kingsbury, 7, had been playing in the backyard of his family's home July 7 when he disappeared

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    News 4's Jackie Bensen reports on Friday's funeral for the 7-year-old boy found dead in a car near his Northeast D.C. home and what police are saying about the investigation.

    The death of a 7-year-old boy who was found dead the day after wandering from his D.C. home in July has been ruled accidental.

    Michael Kingsbury, who had autism, had been playing in the backyard of his family's home July 7 when he disappeared. A day and a half later, his body was discovered in a car parked about 40 yards away on West Virginia Avenue NE.

    Temperatures had been in the mid-80s for several days, and experts say the interior of the car likely exceeded 120 degrees.

    At least six searchers -- both civilians and police officers -- had looked in, but not opened, the car while looking for the boy, said officials.

    Family Holds Funeral for 7-Year-Old D.C. Boy

    [DC] Family Holds Funeral for 7-Year-Old D.C. Boy
    Michael Kingsbury, who suffered from autism, disappeared from his family's home on July 7. His body was found the following day in a car near the West Virginia Avenue NE home.

    "The blessing for us is to have known Michael Kingsbury," said Michael's uncle, Paul L. Travers, Jr., during the boy's funeral. "...Michael was in this world, but wasn't of this world. Michael didn't see the things we saw. He didn't react to things the way we reacted. He accepted them off of faith and love. He smiled."

    The medical examiner found no signs of trauma, and couldn't give an approximate time of death, police said, but there was obvious decomposition to the body. Authorities continue to investigate the cause and manner of Michael's death.