Metro to Lose $8 Million Due to Federal Budget Cuts

Could lose an additional $10 million if federal worker furloughs decrease ridership, Metro says

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    Federal cuts could have a big impact on Metro riders. Metro says the sequestration may mean shutting down some entrances to train stations. News4 transportation reporter Adam Tuss has more on the changes and reaction from riders. (Published Friday, March 15, 2013)

    Metro stands to lose $8 million in federal funding for capital projects because of automatic budget cuts.

    Metro currently receives $150 million a year in federal funds to match money contributed by the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia for capital projects. Chief Financial Officer Carol Kissal says the reduction will affect long-term projects.

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    Some bus purchases and station improvements will likely be delayed. Also, plans to replace the electronic fare card system with one that would allow riders to pay with credit cards could be deferred and reduced in scope.

    Metro had expected to lose $12 million in capital funding, but the agency says it was notified March 1 that the cut would be smaller.

    Metro says it could lose an additional $10 million if federal worker furloughs decrease ridership.