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Metro Executives' Salaries Called into Question

Metro's top brass makes more than $3 million




    While you may soon be paying more to ride Metro, the transit agency’s top brass is being paid quite well.

    Its 16 top executives earned $3.1 million last year, according to the Washington Post.

    Those salaries include Metro General Manager Richard Sarles, who brought home $350,000. That’s more than his counterpart in New York City.

    Other top earners at Metro include Deputy General Manager Dave Kubicek, who makes $240,000 a year; CFO Carol Kissal, who earns $235,000; and Chief Safety Officer James Dougherty, who makes $185,000 a year.

    These high salaries come at a time Metro is looking for ways to close a $116 million budget deficit for fiscal year 2013.

    One proposal calls for a fare hike, which would average about 5% for riders. Metro Spokesman Dan Stessel says the executives’ salaries are on par with jobs in the public sector.