No Charges for Metrobus Driver Who Pulled a Knife

The latest controversial incident involving Metro

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    It was a little after 5 p.m. on Good Friday, but what went down on Minnesota Avenue in rush hour traffic was anything but "good."

    A Metrobus running on the U2 line and a passenger vehicle were both trying to merge on W Street in Southeast. The two drivers had some kind of disagreement -- and the bus driver displayed a knife. 

    Metro Bus Driver Pulls Knife on Car Driver: Cops

    [DC] Metro Bus Driver Pulls Knife on Car Driver: Cops
    A Metro bus driver had an altercation with the driver of a car. The bus driver pulled out a knife and was arrested. (Published Saturday, April 3, 2010)

    Police caught up with the bus, stopped it and arrested the driver, Dwayne Adamson. 

    Khan McKay was on the street and saw the arrest. "It was a lot of police cars, maybe 15 police cars and we were really shocked because they pulled over the driver of the bus," McKay said.

    Passengers stayed on board until another driver came to take over. 

    On the street there were mixed reactions to the incident. One man said it was just plain wrong for the bus driver to pull out a knife. Another said if someone threatened the bus driver, he had to defend himself.

    The U.S. Attorney's office is not pressing charges. Metro is conducting its own investigation. When NBC4 asked Cathy Asato of Metro if Adamson will be suspended, Asado said all that is pending the outcome of the investigation. 

    This is the latest headache for Metro, which has been beset by safety, efficiency and budget problems for some time now. New interim head Richard Sarles has his work cut out for him.