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Locals Top List of Those Likely to Get Ticketed

Maryland, D.C. make the top 10 list for most traffic tickets in the country



    It’s Memorial Day weekend, and chances are you’re just hours away from zooming down the road to get to your vacation destination. 

    But watch out if you’re heading to a beach in Maryland, like many local residents.

    According to the National Motorists Association, Maryland is one of the top five states for tickets.  The organization came out with a list of the most ticket-happy states and metro areas.

    Nevada came out on top, being the most likely to issue traffic tickets. D.C. is ranked seventh among the top metro areas. Atlanta came in at No. 1 in that same category.

    If you’re trying to avoid adding a ticket to your holiday expenses, try hitting the open roads of Wyoming and Montana.  They’re the states where you’re least likely to get a ticket… but do they have orange crushes?