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Chandra Levy's Suspected Killer Allegedly Threatened Witnesses

Guandique now facing federal conspiracy charges



    Jackie Bensen/WRC
    Ingmar Guandique

    There are new charges in the case against the man accused of murdering federal intern Chandra Levy in 2001.

    An indictment filed Thursday charges Ingmar Guandique with obstructing justice, threatening to injure a person and conspiracy, although earlier reports anticipating these new charges rumored Guandique as having another possible victim.
    According to the indictment, Guandique wrote a note from jail threatening to kill the witness or the witness’s family. Someone reportedly delivered the letter to the family for him.
    The indictment also states a second letter was mailed to the family by someone involved in the alleged conspiracy. 
    These charges are in addition to Guandique’s other charges including first-degree murder for sexually assaulting and later killing Levy in Rock Creek Park
    Levy’s remains were found a year later.