Judge Denies Motion to Drop Charges in Baltimore Neighborhood Watch Beating

Prosecution rests its case

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    A Baltimore judge denied a motion to drop charges against two brothers accused of beating a black teenager while patrolling for a Jewish neighborhood watch.

    The request came after the state rested its case Tuesday in the bench trial for Eliyahu and Avi Werdesheim, who are charged in the 2010 beating of a 15-year-old boy in Baltimore.

    Assistant State's Attorney Kevin Wiggins told the judge one brother grabbed the teen and the other hit him on the head with a radio.

    Shomrim of Baltimore President Daniel Harris testified Tuesday that he spoke to Eliyahu Werdesheim and believes he acted in self-defense based on the group’s radio transmissions and conversations with Eliyahu Werdesheim and other members of the group.

    Judge Pamela White noted “contradictions and inconsistencies” in testimony but said she wouldn't review witnesses' credibility at this point.

    The defense will begin presenting its case Wednesday.