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Having a Funeral May Soon Cost More in Alexandria

City is considering charging for funeral procession escorts



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    In Alexandria, family members who want a police escort for their loved one’s funeral may soon have to pay up.

    For the past 10 years, Alexandria Police have escorted funeral processions of 10 or more vehicles for free, according to the Washington Examiner.  Last year, they accompanied 133 funeral processions.  That amounted to about 6 percent of the police department’s motor time.

    But now, according to the Examiner, the Alexandria City Council is considering charging $655 for the first 90 minutes, and $400 for each additional hour.  Escorts typically require six officers and several cars.

    "I do think there should be a fee for providing that service because it falls outside the normal course of public safety duties," Alexandria Vice Mayor Kerry Donley told The Examiner.

    In Fairfax County, the police department charges for a funeral escort on the weekends.  Montgomery County and the D.C. police departments do not usually offer the service.

    The Examiner reports that if funeral escort service levels remain the same, the city of Alexandria would bring in about $87,000 a year.