Government Opposes Hinckley’s Request for More Visits

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    AFP/Getty Images
    Hinckley after the Reagan shooting. (Getty Images)

    Federal lawyers oppose a request by John Hinckley Jr. for more unsupervised visits to his mother’s home in Virginia.

    Hinckley attempted to assassinate President Ronald Reagan 30 years ago. A jury found him not guilty by reason on insanity and has since been committed to St. Elizabeth's Hospital in Washington.

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    Hinckley’s lawyers and doctors had asked a federal judge last month to grant him more visits to his mother's home. But in a court filing Monday, lawyers for the government said Hinckley offered no basis to grant him an unspecified number of new visits beyond the 12 he was granted in 2009 and has now used up.
    Hinckley shot Reagan in 1981 as he left a Washington hotel.