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We're No. 1: Georgetown U. Most Expensive

According to Department of Education



    We're No. 1: Georgetown U. Most Expensive

    The price of college tuition doesn't tell the whole story, so the Department of Education has developed a tool to help people understand the true cost of attending a university.

    In the Washington area, the tool finds the most expensive school is Georgetown University.

    Tuition at Georgetown is $40,203, but when you calculate fees and other estimated expenses for undergraduate students it comes to $56,485, according to a report in the Washington Times.

    The report finds Georgetown isn't the only local college to come in at more than $50,000.

    George Washington University is $55,625; American University is $52,065; and Catholic University is $50,072 when books, supplies, room and board and other charges are added to tuition.

    Washington's public university, The University of the District of Columbia, costs $25,366, according to the calculator.

    The University of Maryland and the University of Virginia are about the same for in-state students.

    Maryland residents pay $22,263 for UMd. and Virginians pay $22,535 for UVa.