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Gas Prices Are Going Down

AAA Mid-Atlantic reports gas prices have fallen just before the Memorial Day holiday



    Gas Prices Are Going Down
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    It looks like gas prices are finally going down, but the plunge may be temporary.

    AAA Mid-Atlantic reported that a gallon of gas in Maryland dipped to $3.90 on Sunday. The average price is 11 cents lower than a week ago.

    In the District, drivers are paying $4.11 for a gallon of gas compared to $4.18 a week ago.

    Virginia drivers paid 10 cents less to fill-up their tanks today. The cost of a gallon of regular gas dropped from $3.89 compared to $3.79 last week.

    "Well, no one actually tells us to lower our price," Bob Tomkinson, manager of a Getty station on River Road in Maryland, told NBC Washington's Chris Gordon. "We actually get our inofmration from the supplier on what is going on with the price on a daily basis, so when we get a load with the price coming down, it's automatically reflected in the price on the street."

    The owner of a Bethesda Exxon where the price is $4.25 -- down from $4.49 last week -- said the price could drop another 20 cents by Memorial Day, Gordon reported.

    Analysts believe that gas prices have peaked for the summer.