First a Surplus, Now New Jobs in Virginia

Gov to claim 72,000 Va. jobs created on his watch

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    Bob McDonnell

    Gov. Bob McDonnell continues his rosy news rollout with the claim that nearly 72,000 jobs have been created in Virginia in his first half-year on the job.

    McDonnell and his "jobs czar," Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling, will announce at a Thursday morning news conference that 71,500 new jobs have been created in the state since February.

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    McDonnell was sworn in Jan. 16.

    McDonnell spokesman J. Tucker Martin says it's a net figure that accounts for jobs also lost during that time, particularly from budget cuts by state and local governments.

    On Wednesday, McDonnell announced a surprise state budget surplus of at least $220 million just six months after an estimated $1.8 billion shortfall.