Falls Church Cracking Down on Drivers Who Pass School Buses

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    The Falls Church City Council passed a unanimous motion to install exterior cameras on school buses to catch drivers who disregard the buses' stop signs. (Published Tuesday, Jan. 29, 2013)

    The Falls Church City Council unanimously passed a motion to install exterior cameras on school busses to catch who driver speed around the buses during stops.

    A school spokesperson said that the cameras could be installed by the end of the school year.

    “It was a unanimous vote,” said Councilmember David Tarter. “I think there’s a strong support for it here in the community."

    A Falls Church schoolbus driver told News4's Tony Tull that she's witnessed careless driving that could pose a danger to children exiting the bus. “People are oblivious. They don’t pay attention to their surroundings. They’re preoccupied with their day, their phones. It’s just jaw-dropping," she said.

    The cameras will be mounted on the buses to catch drivers who ignore the buses' flashing lights and stop signs.

    “When you approach a stop 100 feet prior to the stop, you activate your yellows,” the bus driver told Tull. “When you open your doors, your red lights activate, the stop arm comes out, and the stop sign deploys from the side of the bus.”

    Offenders caught disregarding the signal lights or driving around the stop arm could be faced with fines up to $250. Although the ticket does not carry any points, a police officer will review the videos and tickets before they go out to assess the proper penalties.