Virginia Officials Finishing Election Canvassing

17th District results will determine control of State Senate

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    Election officials in Virginia will finish canvassing Tuesday's votes on Thursday in the State's 17th district.

    Republican Bryce Reeves’ lead is widening in a pivotal Senate race to decide the balance of power in state government.

    Reeves pulled ahead of seven-term Democratic Sen. Edd Houck by 224 votes Wednesday, as localities canvassed nearly 45,000 votes cast on Tuesday and counted provisional ballots. Reeves had led by 86 votes Tuesday night.

    A Reeves victory would produce a 20-20 split, but Republicans have made it clear they will use Republican Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling’s tie-breaking vote to claim control of committees. Republicans hold a hefty majority in the House.

    The State Board of Election is set to certify the totals on Nov. 28. After that, the loser can ask for a recount. Houck has not said whether he would do so.

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