8 Home Burglaries Tuesday Night in Fairfax County

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    Fairfax County, Va., detectives investigated eight home burglaries that occurred Tuesday night -- the latest in a series of thefts Fairfax police believe are connected to one man.

    "The items that are being stolen and where some of the stolen items are being recovered are all consistent,” said Capt. Steve Thompson. “There's enough similarity there that we believe they're all connected."

    Fairfax police said there have been 53 home burglaries or attempted home burglaries since Aug. 24.

    Anne Dombroff’s home, on Hannah Farm Road in Oakton, was one of those burglarized Tuesday night.

    “I was in bed. So they came in the house. I didn’t know they came in the house. I didn’t know until after the fact when I came downstairs and my purse was gone,” said Dombroff. “It’s very unsettling. It’s scary!”

    Thompson said residents need to lock all windows and doors, even those leading from their garage into their home.

    “The possibility of an encounter between the burglar and the homeowner is there, and that’s a major concern for us,” Thompson said. “We don’t want homeowners hurt.”