Downed Tidal Basin Tree Sign of What's to Come

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    Downed tree at the Tidal Basin

    It is quite an attention grabber -- a large tree that uprooted and crashed into the Tidal Basin during the last blizzard. And it is still there.

    But this scene could happen again in the coming days, as there is concern that more trees will fall with the next round of winter weather.

    Yet another storm is expected to hit the area, and this one may bring 40 mph to 50 mph wind gusts. With the ground already saturated from the melting snow, there is concern that more trees will fall, taking power lines down with them.

    The wind is expected to kick up Thursday afternoon and continue to build into the evening. That could mean scattered power outages in the region.

    People are reminded to have water, flashlights and a supply of batteries on hand in case they lose electricity.