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Deer Crashes Through Window At Va. Elementary School



    (Published Monday, Oct. 31, 2011)

    It was an unexpected start to the day for teachers at a Prince William County, Va., elementary school. A deer crashed through a classroom window.

    “This has never happened before, and we hope it never happens again,” Antietam Elementary School Principal Linda Moniusko said.

    Surveillance cameras recorded as the buck jumped into a first floor window at the Lake Ridge school, scaring an art teacher, then jumped back out that same window and ran away.

    “I have no idea what would prompt an animal to enter a building,” Moniuszko said.

    The buck is not the first animal seen near Antietam Elementary. Earlier this year, a mother bear and her cub were spotted near the school.

    Still, Moniuszko is baffled by Monday's incident.

    “We have them on the premises, behind the school, around the school,” she said. “But they have never tried to enter the school before.”