D.C. Fire Chief Would Like to See Fireworks Banned in City

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    The city's current fireworks laws make it difficult for both consumers and fire marshals, D.C. Fire Chief Dennis Rubin said.

    At a demonstration of the dangers of fireworks in southeast D.C., Rubin said he'd like to see the day when the District bans all consumer fireworks -- like the city of Alexandria in Virginia, or like Montgomery and Prince George's counties in Maryland.

    Right now, D.C. has a four page list of approved fireworks that fire marshals consult every year at this time when they're inspecting fireworks stands, Rubin said. That can be cumbersome for consumers as well.

    "You'll probably have to print it out, take it to that stand, and make sure whatever product is being sold to you is on that legal list," Rubin said.

    Rubin said the number of people seeking licenses for fireworks stands has dropped in recent years.

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