D.C. Police Investigating FedEx Truck Robbery

Driver robbed at gunpoint

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    A driver of a FedEx truck was robbed while making deliveries in Southeast Washington on Saturday. Derrick Ward reports.

    D.C. Police are on the hunt for the suspects who robbed and attacked a FedEx driver as he made deliveries Saturday morning.

    The robbery happened just after 11 a.m. on Highwood Street SE, where sources tell News 4 the driver was forced to the ground at gunpoint while the robbers took packages from the truck.
    Police are looking for a car that might be a taxicab or has a similar paint scheme to a taxicab.
    Pastors Mary and Willie Wilson found the driver lying on their front steps.
    "I thought he might have been shot or knocked out. I asked him if he was alright, and he jumped up and said he thought he was still being robbed."
    Police tell News 4 that delivery truck robberies are common this time of year.
    Drivers say they're actually taught to look behind them while dropping off packages so they know they're not being followed.