D.C. Police Can't Find Evidence in 200 Cases: Report

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    D.C. police are missing evidence in hundreds of cases, according to a federal report.

    As of March, more than 2,700 cases were backlogged at the FBI lab's Nuclear DNA Unit, which examines biological fluid, the Justice Department's inspector general said. That includes requests from D.C. police for testing.

    DNA Missing in Hundreds of D.C. Cases: Federal Report

    [DC] DNA Missing in Hundreds of D.C. Cases: Federal Report
    Is the key to solving hundreds of D.C. crimes gone for good? High-ranking D.C. officials are questioning a claim of missing DNA at the FBI forensics lab in Quantico. (Published Thursday, Aug. 12, 2010)

    According to FBI lab personnel, police cannot locate evidence for more than 200 cases, the report said. That comprises almost half of the backlogged D.C. police cases.

    The inspector general recommended the lab coordinate with police to resolve the issue. The Nuclear DNA Unit has instructed police to ensure that future evidence is located and prepared before submitting an exam request, officials said.

    The FBI lab outsources D.C. police cases to a private lab for testing.