New Rules Allow D.C. to Fine Pepco for Poor Performance

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    The D.C. Public Service Commission has adopted new performance standards for Pepco that could allow them to fine the utility up to $100,000 for each infraction.

    The commission says its new rules would take effect in mid-July and are an incentive for the utility to provide more reliable service. The goal is to move Pepco into the top tier of electric
    distributors by 2020.

    D.C. Council member Mary Cheh says she supports bills that would allow the $100,000 fines. Another measure would allow a charge on the company's equity to be returned to customers as a rebate.

    Cheh says the bill would not allow Pepco to pass along the cost of fines to customers.

    Maryland's Public Service Commission also is rewriting its performance standards and is investigating Pepco's reliability.

    You can see the new regulations here.