Family of Accused Informant Murderer Charged With Coverup

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    Prosecutors say three Maryland residents have been charged with lying to a grand jury to create an alibi for a family member.

    Antoine Clements, his wife Keyla Clements and her mother Vicki Gordon were arrested this week.

    They are accused of providing a false alibi for their family member, 33-year-old Weldon Gordon, who is charged with the 2008 death of Andre Hayes. Hayes was acting as a confidential informant for the Drug Enforcement Administration when he was shot. Vicki Gordon is Weldon Gordon's mother. Keyla Clements is his sister.

    All three are charged with obstruction of justice, which carries a possible sentence of up to ten years in prison. The Clements also face perjury charges, which carry a possible sentence of up to five years in prison.