Laurel Police Chief Helps Driver With Flat Tire, Nabs Two-Time DUI Offender

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    After initially trying to help a driver with car trouble, Laurel's police chief arrested a two-time DUI offender. News4's Kristin Wright reports. (Published Tuesday, May 13, 2014)

    A police chief stopped to help a man with a flat tire Monday, but ended up making a DUI arrest.

    Laurel Police Chief Richard McLaughlin tried to help a man with a flat tire at the intersections of Route 198 and Route 197, when he noticed a strong odor of alcohol from the man's mouth.

    When McLaughlin asked for the driver's ID, he presented him with a temporary Maryland license.

    "Suspected drunk drivers are given those temporary IDs until their cases go to court," McLaughlin said. 

    Thang La Khual, 28, was then transported to a police station, where he blew a .36 on a sobriety test -- four-and-a-half times the legal limit.

    Khual was charged with DUI just three weeks ago, also in Laurel.

    “He shouldn’t have been driving,” McLaughlin said. “ People have died with that much alcohol in their systems. Maybe this time, he’ll get the message—if you drink and drive, you will get caught.”