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Convicted Killer Cop's Wife Seeks New Trial for Husband

Washington serving 45-year sentence


    Keith Washington and his wife insist he shot two people in his home in self defense.

    UPPER MARLBORO, Md. -- The wife of a former Prince George's County police corporal convicted of killing a furniture deliveryman is pushing for her a new trial for her husband.

    Stacy Washington met with Prince George's County State's Attorney Glenn Ivey for an hour and a half to ask him to join in a motion for a new trial for her husband, Keith Washington, who is currently servicing a 45-year prison sentence. She's convinced her husband shot and killed Marlo Furniture deliveryman Brandon Clark -- and wounded helper Robert White -- in self defense.

    Convicted Killer Cop's Wife Seeks New Trial for Husband

    [DC] Convicted Killer Cop's Wife Seeks New Trial for Husband
    The wife of a former police corporal serving a 45-year sentence for killing a deliveryman argues that the case should be reconsidered because of new evidence.
    (Published Thursday, July 23, 2009)

    New information that came out of the civil trial against Keith Washington casts doubt on the testimony of White, Stacy Washington said. That trial ended with a hung jury.

    "What I was presenting to the state today was all of the numerous instances of perjury that Mr. White has committed in this case -- in the criminal trial, in the grand jury, even in the civil trial," Stacy Washington told News4's Chris Gordon. "He admits himself that much of his testimony in the criminal trial, statements that he made in the criminal trial, were not true.

    "I and my daughter are both downstairs," Stacy Washington recalled. "My husband is upstairs with them. He sees one of the men coming out of my daughter's bedroom and asked them to leave the house. They did not. Instead, they attacked him."

    Ivey, whose office prosecuted Keith Washington, asked a retired judge to review the evidence in the case.

    "He reviewed the criminal case, the civil case, any information they wanted to give to him, and his conclusion was that a new trial was not appropriate under these circumstances," Ivey said. "That was his recommendation to me, and I share that view."

    Keith Washington's appeal of his conviction is still pending.