Civil Suit Settled in Robert Wone Death

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    Three men acquitted of misleading police in the unsolved 2006 death of Washington lawyer Robert Wone have agreed to pay an undisclosed amount to settle a civil lawsuit over his death.

    Lawyers for Wone's widow said in a statement Wednesday that a settlement agreement had been reached but did not disclose the terms because of confidentiality requirements.

    Taped Interviews' Impact on Robert Wone Verdict

    [DC] Taped Interviews' Impact on Robert Wone Verdict
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    Wone, 32, was found fatally stabbed in the Dupont Circle Swann Street home of Joseph Price, Victor Zaborsky and Dylan Ward. The trio, who described themselves as a family, were charged in 2008 with obstructing the investigation into Wone's death but acquitted in June 2010 after a five-week trial before a D.C. Superior Court judge.

    Wone's widow, Kathy, said in a statement she was "very much at peace" with her decision to settle the lawsuit. 

    Wone Slaying Cover-Up Suspects Acquitted

    [DC] Wone Slaying Cover-Up Suspects Acquitted
    A judge rules the housemates suspected of covering up a lawyer's death not guilty but says she doubts their innocence. Courtroom sketches by Bill Hennessy.

    "Although the defendants repeatedly chose to hide behind the Fifth Amendment, this lawsuit finally forced the defendants to answer questions under oath about their actions on the night of Robert's murder," she said in the statement. "To me, their silence speaks volumes. I am now prepared to close this chapter and begin a new one, all the while honoring Robert's legacy and the people and causes that he held dear.”

    Kathy Wone's attorneys said the decision was made to settle because the civil trial would not have uncovered any new information about what happened, and the settlement provided money that most likely would not have been available to her late husband's estate had she won at trial.

    Mystery Will Remain Regardless of Wone Verdict

    [DC] Mystery Will Remain Regardless of Wone Verdict
    The judge in the Robert Wone homicide cover-up case has many puzzling questions to consider. Courtroom sketches by Bill Hennessy.

    Under the terms of the settlement, the defendants will make payments to the Robert Wone Memorial Trust. The money will be used in part to provide college scholarships and free legal services to those in need, according to the attorneys.