Buff Runner Sighted Streaking Near U. Mary Washington Campus

Perhaps enjoying mild November temperatures

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    Man jogging in Fredericksburg was seen wearing even less than this by a college student.

    A jogger was wearing nothing but a birthday suit when he was seen bouncing down a gravel path near the University of Mary Washington campus on Monday, according to police.

    The suspected streaker may have been taking advantage of yesterday's mild November temperature.

    The clean-shaven jogger caught a student’s eye while running in the buff around Cossey Pond.  The witness described the man as a white male in his 50's, approximately 6 feet tall and with a muscular build.  The student said she saw all of the man on the 1400 block of Kenmore Avenue.

    The student said shortly after, she caught a peek of the man again.  But on second blush, the runner had put on a pair of blue shorts.  Police said the jogger did not make any verbal or non-verbal gestures towards the student.

    The investigation continues.