Annapolis Mayor Calls Police on Man Urinating From Parking Garage

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    The mayor of Annapolis called police after he saw a man urinating from a parking deck Tuesday afternoon, the Baltimore Sun reports.

    According to a court document, Mayor Joshua Cohen saw a man, his pants around his ankles, standing at the edge of a third-floor parking deck and urinating off the side and onto a mulched area below.

    When Cohen asked the man what he was doing, the man responded, "Following the call of the wild." The man then cursed at Cohen, he said.

    "If it would have been three in the morning, I might have looked the other way," Cohen told the Baltimore Sun. "But it was three in the afternoon, in broad daylight."

    As the man drove away, Cohen called police and asked the parking attendant to keep the gate closed until they arrived. When police got to the scene, they issued a citation for public urination to Richard H. Vermillion, 68.

    Vermillion denied the mayor's claim, saying, "If I had to follow the call of the wild, I would tell you," according to the court document.

    Cohen told the Baltimore Sun that he hopes prosecutors pursue the charges, and that he's willing to testify in court.