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A popular mural of the Godfather of Go-Go, Chuck Brown, may not be able to survive redevelopment in northwest D.C.’s Petworth neighborhood.

The mural was painted on a wall at Georgia Avenue NW and New Hampshire Avenue NW after Brown died in 2012, but new homes and condos are threatening the existence of the Chuck Brown memorial.

Arlington-based development company Rooney Properties purchased the corner block that includes a couple of small stores and plans to transform it into a five-story, modern residential building once permits and other approvals are done.

Rooney Properties told News4 it may take another year to get all the permits in place for rebuilding. It plans to lease the space for a short-term restaurant to keep it occupied.

The mural will stay for a while, but its days are numbered.

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<![CDATA[Woman Accused of Hitting, Spitting on Police at Wolf Trap]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 21:07:16 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/police-lights-shutterstock_542372566.jpg

A woman has been charged with assault after she allegedly punched a police officer and spit in his face at a concert at the Wolf Trap National Park for the Performing Arts, according to court documents.

Edie Toupe attended a concert at the venue in Vienna, Va. Thursday evening, and an usher asked to see her ticket. Toupe refused to show her ticket, and the usher called U.S. Park Police about 9:40 p.m., according to court documents.

When the officers arrived, Toupe showed them her ticket, which did not match the seat in which she was sitting. The usher told police Toupe was no longer welcome in the building, and the officers began escorting the woman out of the venue.

While police tried to lead her to the exit, Toupe allegedly "struck” one of the officers in the face.

Both officers immediately handcuffed Toupe, during which time she turned and spit in face of the same officer she hit, according to court documents.

She has been charged with assaulting an officer engaged in official duties.

The performers that night were the mellow Ben Harper and & The Innocent Criminals, and Gill Landry.

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<![CDATA[ U.S. Police Chiefs Meet in D.C. to Talk Spike in Crime]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 19:51:37 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/080315+Cathy+Lanier.jpg Police chiefs from across the country met at the Newseum Monday to discuss responses to a spike in violent crime in major cities across the country. D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier spoke about drug sales. "We have seen that drugs historically have been and always will be part of the violent crime cycle because people involved in criminal activity are going to compete for territory, and that brings violence," she said. News4's Zachary Kiesch reports.]]> <![CDATA[Most Durable Counter Tops for Busy Kitchens]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 19:31:14 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/WRC_0000000011399807_1200x675_497768515799.jpg Consumer Reporter Erika Gonzalez learns that quartz and granite counter tops last the longest and withstand the most in busy, messy kitchens.]]> <![CDATA[Group Urges Asbestos Inspection for Metro]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 19:11:08 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/Metro+Station+Generic+722+x+406.jpg

A non-profit environmental group urged Metro to conduct car-by-car inspections to assess whether any workers or riders might be exposed to asbestos.

The Environmental Working Group’s letter to the transit agency Monday follows last week’s News4 report about older 1000-series cars that have small amounts of asbestos. The letter says workers and passengers deserve to know if they have been exposed to asbestos.

The only way to be sure public health is not at risk is to have independent experts make a thorough examination of railcars, the letter says.

Metro doesn't conduct regular air quality tests and previously said the only asbestos left is outside the passenger cabins of affected rail cars.

An internal memo sent out by Metro's chief safety officer after the News4 report told employees all indications are there is no hazard as a result of this small amount of material.

<![CDATA['I'm Blessed': D.C. Child Recovering From Gunshot Wound]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 19:47:59 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/080315+Sa%27rya+Mosley.jpg

The little girl who was shot in the arm Friday as she played in the courtyard of her apartment building is recovering -- and she and her mother are thankful the child was not more seriously wounded.

"I'm blessed," 8-year-old Sa'rya Mosley said Monday. "I'm OK, but this is just crazy that people are just walking around here shooting."

The little girl was playing with her friends and cousins in the courtyard of her building on the 300 block of Ridge Road SE about 9:20 p.m. Friday when shots rang out.

"We heard gunshots. First we thought it was firecrackers," the upbeat little girl said.

Sa'rya's mother, Kendra Mosley, was nearby.

"We were all screaming, running, trying to grab the children," she said.

Little Sa'rya and her mother then realized her only child had been hit.

"I touched my arm and all I saw was blood," Sa'rya said.

The child was rushed to the hospital, treated and released Friday night, her mother said.

Sa'rya said she's afraid to go outside now.

"Sometimes I'm scared to come back up on the platform because I don't want this to happen again," she said. "And sometimes I'm scared to stay when it's dark outside."

A 3-year-old girl, Dalis Cox, was shot and killed Wednesday night after police say her 7-year-old brother accidentally fired at her. That shooting occurred on the 600 block of 46th Place SE in Benning Ridge.

Kendra Mosley said her daughter being shot has changed her everyday life.

"Cherish every moment that we have together. You're here today and gone today," she said.

<![CDATA[Talk Around Town: Police Summit in D.C.]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 18:22:50 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/WRC_0000000011398627_1200x675_497688131671.jpg Pat Lawson Muse and WHUR's Troy Johnson discuss the police summit happening in D.C., where police departments from around the country have met to discuss the spike in violent crime in urban areas.]]> <![CDATA[Man Breaks Into Bank in Loudoun County]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 18:40:30 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/01generic-police-lights12.jpg

A man broke into a bank and damaged an ATM in Loudoun County Sunday morning, according to police.

The man set off an alarm at the Wells Fargo Bank in the 42900 block of Eastern Kingbird Plaza in Ashburn, Virginia, at 4:12 a.m.

He tried to flee as officers arrived, police said. Police blocked off a perimeter and searched the area with help from a K9 unit.

The suspect, described as a 6-foot male dressed in all black, was located, and the FBI and Loudon County Police are investigating the incident.

Anyone with information is asked to call 703-777-0475. 

<![CDATA[John Oliver Pushes for DC Statehood]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 17:43:21 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/2015-08-03_1348.jpg

With (yet another) bill in the U.S. Senate pushing for D.C. statehood, satirist John Oliver offered a vigorous defense Sunday night of D.C. statehood -- and Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton says she'll show it to members of Congress. 

The host of HBO's "Last Week Tonight" explained his view on the history of taxation without representation as only he could, with the snark turned up. His British accent lended the tirade a tinge of the American Revolution.

"The D.C. mayor gets to run the city the way a student council president gets to run her high school," he said. "'Sure Kelsey, pick the theme for prom, but we'll pick the budget and 'Eyes Wide Shut' is not an acceptable theme. We are not having a repeat of last year. It was a mess and surprisingly boring.'"

See the full, and NSFW, video here.

Without statehood, the District of Columbia does not have full representation on Capitol Hill, and Congress has the final say in D.C.'s budget and laws. Norton is D.C.'s sole member of Congress. She can vote in committee but not on the floor. And she has proposed at least three futile bills to grant D.C. a vote in Congress or statehood since she took office in 1991.

Norton said in a statement Monday that she plans to host a briefing on D.C. statehood when Congress reconvenes in September -- and she'll show Oliver's segment.

"John Oliver has picked up where Stephen Colbert left off, when he regularly made fun of D.C. -- and me -- for not having the same rights as other Americans.” Norton said.

Norton said she and other statehood advocates have been frustrated by the common belief that D.C. residents enjoy the same basic rights as other Americans despite Congress' constant effort to deny home rule and equal rights. She said Oliver's video gives statehood advocates the ammunition they need to better inform the public and move forward. 

Oliver called Norton's position one with "pretend powers," because of strict limitations. "Like a child watching Dora the Explorer," he said jokingly in one of many references to Congress' child-like treatment of D.C.

Oliver referenced D.C.'s history of problems caused by its exclusion from statehood, including the recent congressional override that prevented the District from creating regulations around marijuana, which had just been voted in by a landslide referendum. 

The satirist also said Congress originally blocked a needle exchange bill during the HIV/AIDS epidemic that eventually dropped needle-related HIV transmissions in the District by 87percent.

"Because of course they did," Oliver said. "Needle exchanges are always preferable to the alternative. Try thinking of needles as bridesmaids dresses. Anyone who tells you to reuse them does not have your best interest at heart."

The Dalai Lama visited the U.S. and called the situation "quite strange," considering that a small pocket of people in the world's "champion of democracy" lacked full voting rights, Oliver noted.

The most recent bill to give D.C. a vote in the Senate was introduced in 2009. Congress agreed to pass the law if D.C. agreed to repeal multiple gun restriction laws.

The bill did not pass, and D.C. hasn't come that close to statehood since.

For D.C.'s possible future as a state, "It's probably a long shot, Oliver said. Only two people showed up for the last hearing for D.C.'s statehood, which Oliver said, "is not only pathetic for a hearing on Capitol Hill. It would be pathetic for a 1-year-old's birthday party."

D.C. becoming a state would mean changes to the Constitution, the American flag and kid-friendly state-rhyming songs -- all of which Oliver thinks could be done. 

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<![CDATA[Woman Sexually Assaulted by Uber Driver: Police]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 18:04:30 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/GettyImages-481423966+%281%29.jpg

Police say a woman was sexually assaulted by an Uber driver in Arlington early Sunday morning.

The woman, who told police she was intoxicated, got into an car she didn't request between 2:45 a.m. and 4:03 a.m., police said. The driver agreed to give her a ride even though they had not used the Uber app to set it up.

When the woman was unable to pay the fare at the 900 block of South Randolph Street, the driver sexually assaulted her, police said. The victim fled to a friend’s house nearby.

The suspect is described as a Middle Eastern man with short, curly black hair and a goatee. He was wearing a dark polo shirt and jeans at the time of the incident.

Uber released a statement, saying, "We have contacted the authorities to offer our support in their investigation, and we continue to gather more information.

"Our thoughts are with the victim during this difficult time,” the company said.

Two women were recently assaulted in separate attacks in Arlington, as News4 reported. Arlington police are investigating whether those attacks are linked to a sexual assault in the Courthouse area

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<![CDATA[Radio Legend Donnie Simpson to Return to Air]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 18:03:31 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/GettyImages-473731696+%281%29.jpg

Radio legend Donnie Simpson is returning to the D.C. airwaves.

Simpson, 61, will come out of retirement to join Radio One, the only African American owned and targeted media company in the country.

Simpson will host "The Donnie Simpson Show" on Majic 102.3. The weekday program will run from 3 to 7 p.m. beginning Aug. 17.

Simpson will also bring his talents to television, Radio One announced. He will collaborate with Radio One’s television counterpart, TV One, and be on air by the end of the year.

Simpson retired from radio station WPGC more than five years ago. Before his retirement, Simpson was a mainstay in Washington radio. His style on the “Donnie Simpson Morning Show” earned him local and national recognition.

Simpson was the first urban radio personality to be paid more than $1 million without syndication. He was also named Billboard’s 1998 Air Personality of the Year.

Sources expect Simpson’s new program will sound a lot like his WPGC program. Fans expect music, guests and conversation.

"It's been a great vacation, but it's time to go back to work and have some fun," Simpson said in a Radio One statement.

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<![CDATA[Major Intersection in Silver Spring Reopens for Rush Hour]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 15:30:43 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/water+main+break+silver+spring.jpg

All lanes of Colesville Road and Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring are open for the evening commute and will remain open through rush hour Tuesday morning.

WSSC completed repairs to the 76-year-old, 16-inch water main that broke Wednesday.

After the morning rush, the right northbound lane of Colesville and the right southbound lane of Georgia will be closed for repaving. The center northbound lane of Colesville also will be closed for a time.

Everything should be back to normal by Wednesday morning's commute.

In addition to the replacement of a large section of pipe, several other utilities in the area were repaired.

<![CDATA[Two More Women Attacked in Arlington]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 20:28:42 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/Arlington+Police+Cruiser+Car+Virginia.jpg

Arlington County Police are investigating whether two assaults on women over the weekend are related to a sex assault a couple of blocks from police headquarters about a week ago.

About 8:45 p.m. Friday a woman running on the Washington and Old Dominion Trail was approached by a man and thrown to the ground, police said. She screamed and the man fled. She described the attacker as a Hispanic man in his 20s standing about 5-foot-6, weighing about 140 pounds and wearing long gray shorts with a belt and no shirt.

Before 11:30 p.m. Saturday a 25-year-old woman was walking home in the 4300 block of North Pershing Drive when she was pushed to the ground from behind and touched inappropriately, police said. He fled when she bit his hand. He was described as Hispanic, 5-feet to 5-feet-3 inches tall, with black hair and a mustache. He wore a gray T-shirt and jeans.

Police already were investigating a sex assault from the previous weekend in which a woman was pushed into bushes by a man a couple blocks from police headquarters. He was trying to put his hands in her pants when she kicked him in the groin and away from him, police said. She described him as a boyish and clean-cut Hispanic man in his 20s. He stood about 5-foot-6 to 5-foot-8, weighed 150-175 pounds and wore a white tank top and dark pants.

Police are not saying the same man is responsible but are warning the public due to the similarities in the cases and because they are spread out through Arlington.

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<![CDATA[New Laws at Gaithersburg Parks]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 09:36:29 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/WRC_0000000011392679_1200x675_497430595739.jpg New laws take effect today in Gaithersburg. Among them: Smoking and e-cigarettes are now banned within 25 feet of playgrounds at city parks, and the dog park at Green Park will now only be open to city residents, or those who have memberships.]]> <![CDATA[New Escalator Opens at Bethesda Metro Station]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 09:31:41 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/WRC_0000000011392672_1200x675_497430595740.jpg After more than nine months of work, a new escalator opened at the Bethesda Metro station Monday. It's the first of three escalators that will eventually open at the station. Metro is in the process of replacing more than 120 escalators in the system by 2020.]]> <![CDATA[19-Year-Old Missing After Silo Collapse at Va. Quarry]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 20:01:03 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/2015-08-03_0756.jpg

A 19-year-old worker remains missing hours after a silo collapsed at a Northern Virginia quarry, spilling tons of debris Monday morning.

Rescuers have been unable to get inside the silo to search for the man because the 70- to 80-foot structure may be unstable. Hours after the collapse, rescuers continued to wait for equipment needed to stabilize the silo.

The missing miner has been on the job at Luck Stone Leesburg Quarry in Loudoun County for less than a year. He was unloading material from the silo into a truck early Monday when the silo "split," plant managers said.

Emergency crews responded to the quarry in the 21200 block of Luck Lane in Ashburn around 6:30 a.m.

Crews tried to find the worker, using vacuum trucks to clear debris, but operations paused around 9 a.m. so the structure could be assessed for instability.

"Our hope [is] that we could find this gentleman in some type of void area, but at this time, we don't even know if there [are] any void areas," said Loudoun County Fire & Rescue Assistant Chief Keith Johnson.

Teams have been using listening devices, K-9s and cadaver dogs but have not detected anything.

"Everybody's very concerned, yes," said Lewis Murphy of Luck Stone. "We're very close-knit; we work a lot of hours here together, and we're a family away from home."

The silo contained mineral filler, a fine, dust-like subtance used in asphalt. A full silo of mineral filler weighs 150 tons, but plant managers say they're not sure if it was full. The silo gets emptied every morning.

"We typically will empty it by truck, and this morning, the side of the silo split open, ruptured, and the material discharged out onto the ground," Murphy said.

The miner was with two or three other workers at the time of the collapse. Those workers were able to give search teams some type of idea where he may be.

The missing man's father is at the scene.

Multiple agencies are conducting the search, including Loudoun County Fire & Rescue and Fairfax Fire & Rescue. The Virginia Department of Mines, Minerals and Energy will investigate with Virginia Occupational Safety and Health.

Plant managers and Loudoun County Fire & Rescue said they do not know what caused the silo to collapse. Federal investigators are looking into that.

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<![CDATA[Man Killed on Day of Daughter's Birthday Celebration]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 06:10:49 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/WRC_0000000011383871_1200x675_497047107543.jpg

A man was fatally shot early Sunday while apparently being robbed, becoming the District's 87th homicide victim this year.

Investigators have not released his name, but friends tell News4 he was a father who was planning to spend Sunday celebrating his daughter's first birthday. He had been talking about how excited he was to celebrate the day.

He was shot early Sunday in the 800 block of 18th Street NE. He then ran to a nearby alley, where he collapsed.

Officers were called to the area shortly after 5:30 a.m. for a reported robbery. They arrived to find the victim unconscious, suffering from apparent gunshot wounds.

He was rushed to a local hospital, where he died.

Suspect descriptions are vague, but police are looking for two men wearing white T-shirts.

Friends said the victim didn't have a lot of money, so his killers couldn't have gotten much. They told News4's Darcy Spencer that programs for young people have been cut back or eliminated, and they believe that's contributing to a crime wave.

"You're snatching the rug from under their feet and expecting them to stand on something," said Chepe Chichester, a friend of the victim. 

There's been a 21 percent jump in homicides in D.C. this year, compared to this time last year.

Anyone with information in the case is asked to call police at 202-727-9099. Those wishing to remain anonymous may submit information by text messaging 50411.

<![CDATA[Police: Man Forced into Van, Sexually Assaulted by 7 People]]> Mon, 03 Aug 2015 00:11:57 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/police-tape-day-andcars23445454755.jpg

A man walking in Columbia Heights on Friday evening was forced into a van at gunpoint and sexually assaulted by a group of as many as seven people, police said Sunday.

The alleged assault happened at about 8 p.m. at 14th Street and Parkwood Place in Northwest. The victim was approached by one suspect, forced into a white van and assaulted, police said.

They are seeking a Hispanic male, 6 foot, 1 inch to 6 foot, 2 inches in height, 22 to 27 years old, with a slim build and short, black curly hair. He wore an orange shirt and grey sweatpants, police said, and he had a gun.

Another suspect was described as heavy-set man, 17 to 19 years old, with a light complexion.

Police said at least five other males of unknown descriptions were also involved.

Anyone with information should call police at 202-727-9099 or send information by text message to 50411. D.C. Crime Solvers is offering a reward of up to $1,000 to anyone who provides information that leads to the arrest and conviction of a suspect.

<![CDATA[Double Amputee Marine Completes Cross Country Journey]]> Sun, 02 Aug 2015 22:39:04 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/Toran_Gaal.png

A United States Marine—who lost both legs in combat—completed a journey across the country while hand-cycling to raise money to help injured Marines.

Toran Gaal and his support van driver, Brian Riley, another injured Marine, traveled more than 3,000 miles. The Semper Fi Fund provides financial assistance to wounded Marines and their families while they recover.

The San Diego-area veteran lost both of his legs while fighting in Afghanistan. The Semper Fi Fund assisted his own family in the years following his injury during his third deployment in 2011. Gaal stepped on a 12-pound pressure IED blew up causing him to not only lose his legs but also, 30 percent of his brain.

"If someone can be at end’s wit and sees someone that has had adversity, and seen them thrive, hopefully it will touch their hearts," Gaal said before he started his journey.

The two Marines started their quest on June 1 in California with a specialized bicycle to raise awareness for the Semper Fi Fund. His journey finished at the U.S. Marine Corps War Memorial in Arlington, Virginia, greeted by nearly 100 friends and supporters.

<![CDATA[I-395 N Ramp to Close During Overnight Hours]]> Sun, 02 Aug 2015 12:51:44 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/ramp+detour+map.jpg

The Interstate 395 North ramp to Washington Boulevard will be closed during the overnight hours of Sunday and Monday.

The Virginia Department of Transportation said the ramp will close at 9 p.m. each night and be reopened by no later than 5 a.m. the next morning. The ramp, also known as Exit 8A, is being paved and lane striped.

Motorists heading west on Washington Boulevard will encounter a signed detour. Traffic on Exit 8A will continue on the Army Navy Drive ramp lane, turn right on South Joyce Street, right on Columbia Pike, and an immediate right onto Washington Boulevard.

Police will be on site for traffic control. The work is weather dependent.

The project is part of the Route 27/244 Interchange modifications work, which is scheduled to be completed this fall. The Washington Boulevard Bridge over Columbia Pike is being replaced.

<![CDATA[One Dead in Single-Vehicle Crash in Montgomery County]]> Sun, 02 Aug 2015 14:14:31 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/216*120/olney_sandy_springs_road_fatal_crash.png

Montgomery County police are investigating a single-vehicle crash that killed a driver in the Ashton area.

Police say the crash occurred at roughly 8 a.m. Sunday.

Police say a 2006 Honda CRV was traveling west on Olney-Sandy Spring Road when it veered off the roadway and struck a utility pole. Police identified the driver and sole victim of the wreck as Ioanna Kaskasian, 41. Police say she was transported to a local hospital where she died.

The cause of the crash is under investigation.

<![CDATA[Man Drowns Near Cove Point Lighthouse]]> Sun, 02 Aug 2015 16:37:34 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/ambulance-shutterstock_565683791.jpg

A Clinton, Maryland, man drown Saturday afternoon near the Cove Point Lighthouse, the same location where two other men lost their lives recently.

Calvert County Sheriff’s deputies and emergency medical services responded to a report of a person in the water near the lighthouse. Members of the Solomons volunteer fire department arrived by boat and pulled the victim from the water.

The victim was taken to shore and transported to the Calvert Memorial Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Investigators said the victim and a friend walked out to the point, and the victim decided to go in the water. A short time later, the victim called for help, and his friend was unable to reach him due to the swift current.

The victim has been identified as Michael Stanley Oliver, 57, of Clinton, Maryland.

This is the same area where two brothers, Doug and Daniel Brown, drown last week.

<![CDATA[101 Arrested in Prostitution Crackdown in 2 Weeks]]> Sun, 02 Aug 2015 09:55:53 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/police-lights-shutterstock_182553881.jpg

Eight more arrests have been made in a D.C. prostitution enforcement operation, members of the police department's Narcotics and Special Investigation Division Human Trafficking Unit announced Sunday.

Police began a new crackdown on prostitution last month. They made eight arrests in downtown D.C. overnight Friday and Saturday, bringing the total arrested in this operation to 101 since July 14.

All eight arrested were men who have been charged with solicitation of prostitution.

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<![CDATA[Teen, Bethesda Native, Dies During Trip in Paraguay]]> Sun, 02 Aug 2015 08:48:20 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/20150801+Teen+Killed.jpg The family of a teenager born in Bethesda are looking for answers after he died mysteriously on a trip to Paraguay. News4's Darcy Spencer reports.]]> <![CDATA[One Dead, One Injured After Attempted Robbery]]> Sun, 02 Aug 2015 08:42:46 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/211*120/GettyImages-141810855.jpg

Two men were arrested in connection with the death of a man on Friday in Fort Washington, according to police.

Prince George’s County investigators said Rashawd Wiggins, 19, of Washington, and Derron Alexander, 18, of Oxon Hill, were arrested Saturday and charged with first-degree murder. Police said the men were responsible for the shooting death of Domanic Jamal Nelson, 22.

Nelson was found in the 1000 block of Palmer Road early Friday morning suffering from gunshot wounds. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Investigators said the suspects attempted to rob the victim and gunshots were exchanged. In addition to Nelson’s wounds, Wiggins was also injured. He later sought medical treatment and is currently in intensive care in a hospital.

Photo Credit: Getty Images]]>
<![CDATA[Neighborhood Hardware Store Closes Doors]]> Sun, 02 Aug 2015 22:29:36 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/WRC_0000000011381797_1200x675_496738371538.jpg The Brookland True Value Hardware store will close after 35 years. However, the store will remain open until its current stock is sold, the owners say.]]> <![CDATA[Child Shot in Arm in Southeast D.C.]]> Fri, 31 Jul 2015 23:40:25 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/073115+SE+shooting+scene.jpg

A girl as young as 8 years old has been shot in Southeast D.C., police sources tell News4.

The child was shot in the arm and rushed to a hospital, sources said.

An out-of-breath woman who said she was the child's aunt said the little girl was playing in a courtyard when shots were fired.

"We heard a bunch of gunfire. The next thing I know, my niece ran down to my sister and she was shot," the woman said.

The little girl is "very lively, she's smart, she's very outgoing and she's got her whole life ahead of her," the woman said.

The shooting occurred about 9:20 p.m. on the 300 block of Ridge Road SE, police said.

A 3-year-old girl, Dalis Cox, was shot and killed Wednesday night after police say her 7-year-old brother accidentally fired at her. That shooting occurred on the 600 block of 46th Place SE in Benning Ridge.

Stay with News4 for more details on this developing story.

<![CDATA[Man Sought After Assaults on Women in Riverdale Park]]> Sat, 01 Aug 2015 00:11:41 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/073115+Joshua+Charles+Price.jpg

A man charged with indecent exposure and then released is being sought by police again after women say they were assaulted in a Prince George's County park.

Multiple women -- including those accompanied by children -- have reported being groped by a man in Riverdale Park. Several women since May have said they were assaulted along the Trolley Trail, which runs from Riverdale to Hyattsville.

The women reported they were using the trail when a man pretended to be looking for something and then tried to grope them. Two of the women were with their young children at the time of the attacks.

Joshua Charles Price, 23, was charged with indecent exposure on Monday and released on $4,500 bond. Friday afternoon, Riverdale Park Place released his photo and said he is being sought in connection to assaults along the trail.

News4 spoke with the husband of a woman who had an encounter with a man who matched the description of the suspect, right down to the red baseball cap he's wearing in a mugshot. The woman was riding a bike with the couple's 5-year-old son sitting in a carrier on the back of the bike.

"A blue car with a very tall, probably about 6-5, 6-6 black male got out and started coming toward her, coming toward her and, she got nervous," the man said. "She said her instinct was to ride."

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 443-790-5365.

<![CDATA[D.C. Day Care Worker Charged With Child Cruelty]]> Sat, 01 Aug 2015 08:05:07 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/211*120/GettyImages-141810855.jpg

A day care worker in Northeast D.C. has been arrested and charged with criminal child cruelty. 

Shantae Denise Smith, 27, of Northeast D.C., was arrested Wednesday following an investigation by the Metropolitan Police Department's Youth and Family Services Division, police said Friday evening. 

Smith worked at a day care on the 4300 block of Nannie Helen Burroughs Avenue NE. She was charged with first-degree cruelty to children. More details about the alleged cruelty were not immediately available. 

Anyone with information is asked to call police at 202-727-9099, or send an anonymous tip by text message to 50411.

Photo Credit: Getty Images]]>
<![CDATA[Donald Trump Files $10 Million Lawsuit Against Jose Andres]]> Sat, 01 Aug 2015 07:37:25 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/GettyImages-481233084TheDonald72115.jpg

The group developing Donald Trump's grand renovation of Washington's Old Post Office Pavilion has sued chef Jose Andres for $10 million, claiming Andres breached his contract to build a flagship restaurant in the hotel after Trump said Mexican immigrants bring drugs and crime.

Andres had a 10-year deal to open an almost 10,000-square-foot restaurant in the $200 million Trump International Hotel.

But Andres cut ties with the business magnate July 8, after Trump's comments June 16. The comments led to protests outside the planned D.C. hotel.

Andres told the Washington Post it would be "impossible" for him to open a restaurant in that location.

Trump's developer alleges he has suffered millions of dollars in damages, including legal fees, the cost of hiring a new tenant and more. And the suit dryly says that Andres should have known Trump was going to say something that would raise hackles.

"Mr. Andres' offense is curious in light of the fact that Mr. Trump's publicly shared views on immigration have remained consistent for many years, and Mr. Trump's willingness to frankly share his opinions is widely known," reads the suit, filed in federal court Friday.

Andres had praised Trump for his "business acumen," when the agreement was announced in January, and said in a press release, "I have long respected Donald Trump for his business acumen and am proud to partner with him to create a truly remarkable, fine dining restaurant in the city I have called home for many years."

The suit also notes that Andres left the deal more than a week after he was expected to present documents showing construction progress.

Trump sent a notice to Andres on July 17, giving him 10 days to produce the documents. The same day, Andres sent Trump a notice, alleging that Trump's speech had breached the sublease.

Andres also "demanded that Trump's personal opinions not be "repeated, restated, or further disseminated," according to the lawsuit.

Trump's developer claims there are no provisions in the sublease that grant Andres the right to terminate the sublease based on offended feelings.

Photo Credit: Bloomberg via Getty Images]]>
<![CDATA[Man, 23, Dies After Shooting on Georgia Ave. NW]]> Fri, 31 Jul 2015 21:28:11 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/073115Derrick+Black.jpg

A man died after being shot late Thursday in the Park View neighborhood of Washington, D.C.

Derrick Black, 23, was shot several times on the 3300 block of Georgia Avenue NW shortly before 9:30 p.m. Thursday. He was rushed to a hospital, where he later died.

Black liked to play basketball and video games with his younger cousins, his mother, Dolores Black, said. 

"He loved the people," she said through tears on Friday. "I don't know why nobody would do that to him." 

The victim's mother urged parents to talk with their children -- even adult children -- about violence. 

"Even though they're grown, they still need to talk to their kids and let them know that it's not right to do that to nobody's kid," she said. 

Police have not released any information on a suspect or possible motive.

Authorities remained on the crime scene Friday morning. All lanes of Georgia Avenue at the intersection with Lamont Street NW remained closed for the investigation as of 5:15 a.m. Friday.

The neighborhood is several blocks south of Petworth and east of Columbia Heights.

This is the District's 83rd homicide this year.

Two more men were shot Thursday night a few blocks northeast, on the 600 block of Newton Place NW. Police said one man was shot about 10 p.m. He was conscious and breathing when he was taken to the hospital. A second man who was also shot there was taken to a hospital without the help of paramedics, police said.

<![CDATA[Obama to Speak Next Week at American University]]> Fri, 31 Jul 2015 20:50:07 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/obama137.JPG

President Barack Obama will speak next week at American University about foreign policy, particularly concerning Iran. 

American University announced Friday that the president will speak Wednesday, August 5 at the university’s School of International Service.

Obama's appearance will be broadcasted live on the White House website.

The last time Obama spoke at American University was in December 2013, when he was interviewed on the MSNBC show “Hardball with Chris Matthews” in front of students. He spoke on health care, the NSA wiretapping controversy, Pope Francis and battles with House Republicans.

He spoke about immigration in July 2010 at the School of International Service, and visited in 2008 while on the campaign trail.

Presidents who  have spoken at American University include Woodrow Wilson, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter.

Photo Credit: AP Photo/Evan Vucci]]>
<![CDATA[Next Financial Crisis Could Be Around the Corner for VA]]> Fri, 31 Jul 2015 20:16:54 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/veterans+affairs+VA+hospital.jpg Despite a $3 billion bailout to save some VA hospitals, a surge in patients and appointments could lead to more financial trouble. Scott MacFarlane reports.]]> <![CDATA[Greenhouse to Be Part of New Program at Centreville High School]]> Fri, 31 Jul 2015 20:11:43 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/WRC_0000000011375474_1200x675_495567427611.jpg A greenhouse is being constructed as part of a new class for students with disabilities at Centreville High School.]]> <![CDATA[Hot Car Concerns]]> Fri, 31 Jul 2015 20:02:12 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/WRC_0000000011375430_1200x675_495546435991.jpg In this year alone, 11 children have died from being left in a hot car. How can you prevent such accidents? News4's Erika Gonzalez reports.]]> <![CDATA[Food Waste Compost Program Begins in Falls Church]]> Fri, 31 Jul 2015 19:59:48 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/WRC_0000000011375390_1200x675_495542339991.jpg Falls Church begins an experimental program to compost food waste.]]> <![CDATA[Questions Over County Spending as New Police Station to Remain Vacant]]> Fri, 31 Jul 2015 19:56:43 -0400 http://media.nbcwashington.com/images/213*120/WRC_0000000011375036_1200x675_495539267993.jpg Angry neighbors let their voices be heard about a new police station that's sitting empty. Prince George's County Bureau Chief Tracee Wilkins reports complaints are flying over where the county spends money.]]>