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$25 Million Needed to Repair Washington Cathedral: Officials



    Washington National Cathedral, Craig Stapert, photographer

    The Washington National Cathedral is scheduled to re-open in November, but officials say they'll need $25 million for renovations and operational costs.

    The August 23rd quake damaged the cathedral's famous pinnacles and knocked parts of the structure to the ground. More problems could be uncovered as repairs continue, but officials say the main structure is sound. Crews have been putting up scaffolding and steel beams on top of the building in order to access dozens of damaged pieces. Some of those pieces will have to be completely replaced, while others may have to be re-carved. The entire restoration project could take years.

    Right now, the cathedral's grand re-opening is scheduled for Saturday, November 12th. There will be a week of events leading up to the date.

    Repair work to reopen the Cathedral on September 11 was derailed when a crane moving building material fell over, narrowly missing people and buildings on the ground.

    National Cathedral Repairs

    [DC] National Cathedral Repairs
    Cranes and scaffolding can now be found at the National Cathedral. They are there to fix the damage caused by the earthquake on August 23rd. News4's Elaine Reyes has more.
    (Published Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011)