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Police Believe Speed Was Factor in Double Fatal Crash in Hyattsville



    (Published Friday, Nov. 1, 2013)

    Prince George's County Police believe speed could have been a factor in a crash that killed two people in Hyattsville Friday morning.

    Visibly shaken, witness Ana Mayen hugged a friend as she walked away from the scene of the crash. She was just one car back when the two cars collided just after 6 a.m. She told News4's Megan McGrath she rushed to the vehicles to help the injured.

    "I took them out, and I tried to do the CPR on her. I noticed the guy; he didn't make it," Mayen said. 

    Police say the driver of a red Camry, 38-year-old Jose Cuevas Raudes, was trying to make a right onto Riggs Road from the light on Drexel Street when he was struck by a black Acura heading south on Riggs Road.

    Police Raudes died at the scene. His female passenger, 33-year-old Dilcia Gutierrez Vasquez, was transported to an area hospital, where she later dead.

    The driver of the Acura was taken to the hospital for observation.

    Mayen told McGrath the Camry had the green arrow signal when the Acura plowed through the light. "He was just basically going," she said. "He should've stayed, but he didn't stay; he ran the light."

    When asked how fast she thought the driver was going, Mayen said, "I would say 75 to 80 mph."

    Tony Eldridge heard the crash from his apartment and ran over to the scene. He said he saw the driver of the Acura pacing back and forth, visibly upset.

    "He was across the street, just going "Oh my God, oh my God...." Eldridge said.

    Prince George's County Police say the driver of the Acura apparently lost control while traveling southbound on Drexel Street and struck the Camry, which was making a left turn onto Riggs Road.

    "Based upon the accident itself and the severity of the damage done to the vehicle, one could tell that speed appeared to be a factor in this incident," said Prince George's County Police spokeswoman Cpl. Maria McKinney.

    There's no word on any possible charges.