Obstetrician Away From the Hospital? There's an App For That

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    Patients who find themselves going into labor without their obstetrician now have an app to stay connected.

    It's called "Airstrip OB", and it lets doctors check up on their patients without actually being at the hospital.

    The software takes information from fetal heart rate monitors and other vitals and sends it to the doctor's smartphone.

    One doctor says the ability to check vitals anywhere can help him keep tabs on his patients.

    Dr. Jonathan Bratter says, "Interpretation of a fetal heart rate tracing is one of the most important things we do as obstetricians, so to be able to do it from any location that I'm at is a huge benefit to me."

    The app has already come in handy for Dr. Bratter. He says he once monitored a patient while on a ski vacation in Colorado.