How Much Do You Really Spend on Coffee During the Week?

A survey questions how much people spend eating out

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    Looking for a way to save some cash? Try saying “no thanks” when a co-worker asks you to go grab coffee or lunch.

    A new survey shows splurging on eating out during your work week may cost you more than you realize.

    Half of those who responded to a poll by the data firm Accounting Principles said they spend more than $5 a day on a cup of coffee during their work week. That’s about $1,092 a year.

    And when it comes to lunch, the average person spent $1,924 a year eating out. So yes, skipping that Five Guys, Chipotle or Subway does add up.

    According to the survey posted in the Huffington Post, the age bracket that eats out the most and bought coffee regularly was between 18- and 24-years old.