Coke Unveiling Mini Cans in DC

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    The D.C. market will be one of the first two to get Coke's new fat-fighting mini cans.

    WASHINGTON -- The D.C. market will be one of the first to get Coca-Cola's 90-calorie mini cans.

    Claiming to be committed to helping people manage weight by balancing calories, the company is unveiling 7.5-ounce cans. The first shipments will reach D.C. and New York by December before being introduced to the rest of the country, the Washington Business Journal reported.

    In addition to Coke, the company's Sprite, Fanta Orange, Cherry Coke and Barq's root beer will be among the brands getting shrunk.

    The smaller cans will come in bigger families. Eight packs instead of six packs.