Climate Change May Contribute To Ragweed Issue

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    The D.C. region has one of the highest concentrations of ragweed in the country, and climate change may be exacerbating the problem, according to a new report released Tuesday.

    The D.C. area is in the top 10 for ragweed allergies, according to a new report put out by Quest Diagnostics Health Trends, and the report says the problem is getting worse.

    Researchers believe there is a link to climate change. They believe climate is getting warmer which creates a longer blooming season, and this has led to a spike in the amount of ragweed and mold across the country for the past several years.

    In 2009, the blooming season was a full one-month longer than it was in 1995, according to the study. Qwest Diagnostics says it is largest national allergy study ever conducted, with more than 2 million subjects.

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