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Virginians Could Save Millions Driving Clean This Thanksgiving

Virginia holiday travel put to US clean car targets



    Environment Virginia is using the heavily traveled Thanksgiving holiday to promote the energy- and money-saving benefits of the Obama administration's proposed new clean-car standards.

    At a news conference Tuesday in Richmond, the environmental group released the projected Virginia savings under the plan, which would require cars and light trucks to achieve new fuel standards.

    Under the 54.5-mpg standard, Virginians would reduce by almost 2 million gallons the amount of oil used over the Thanksgiving holiday.

    That amounts to a savings of $6.6 million, according to Environment Virginia. Each household would save slightly less than $15.

    The projected savings are based on Triple-A's Thanksgiving travel forecast.

    Caroline Kory, with Environment Virginia, said strong fuel efficiency and pollution standards will provide huge benefits for Virginia's environment, the economy, health and national security.

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