Police Arrest Marine Linked to Two Abduction Cases

Arlington man also suspected in another case

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    An active duty Marine, who was put behind bars for the robbery and abduction of a woman on Feb. 10, has also been suspected of being responsible for Saturday's abduction of two women in Arlington, according to police.

    Arlington police arrested Jorge “George” Torrez, 21, at the Marine Corps facility Henderson Hall late Saturday night. Police said the composite sketch of the suspect in the Feb. 10 case and evidence led them to Torrez.

    Marine Arrested for Abduction Case, Suspect in 2nd Abduction & Sexual Assault Case

    [DC] Marine Arrested for Abduction Case, Suspect in 2nd Abduction & Sexual Assault Case
    Arlington police arrested and charged Jorge "George" Torrez for an earlier abduction case, but he is a suspect in 2nd case as well. (Published Sunday, Feb. 28, 2010)

    Earlier Saturday, at 4:20 a.m., a man forced two women at gunpoint into a house near 600 North Wakefield Street in Arlington. He tied them both up, but made one of the women get into his car. Police say the man sexually assaulted the woman and left her in Prince William County.

    “She was seriously injured and left by the suspect in Prince William County by the suspect,” said Detective Crystal Nosal, an Arlington police spokeswoman. “She regained consciousness and made it out to a roadway where she contacted police for help.”

    Nosal said police are now looking at Torrez as a suspect in that incident. “Given the facts of the case that he tried to force a woman into his vehicle. And we’re looking for a suspect of the similar description. We’re investigating all aspects to see if the two are connected.”

    Torrez has been held without bond. Charges for the Feb. 27 abduction are pending.